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LR College is accredited with 'B' by NAAC Team

“Every day begins with a new dawn So, start it with a fresh zeal and accelerated enthusiasm.”

Lajpat Rai College, existing for almost last five decades, has taken high strides in imparting good education and vocational training. At LRC, we believe in building a foundation on a wide knowledge-base constituted of professional, subjective, practical and spiritual elements. We believe that in today’s competitive and fast changing environment, one needs to have a firm grip on the knowledge gained through learning. We, therefore, aim at developing the ability to translate the learning at College into practice in our students when they get exposed to the competitive external world.

Time is changing fast and there are yet more challenges than ever before coming in way of the students aspiring glorious career after their completing Graduation and Post- graduation. To swim through, they need to equip themselves with tools of special skills. We may not succeed to produce such a crop of students until extra efforts are made to infuse that ‘special elements’ among them.

Just being a normal education provider is not call of the day. To survive, our produce has to be more skilled and well trained with job oriented courses. We are, therefore, committed to deliver the best to our students on all counts so that they emerge winners wherever they have to compete with others in the race.

I am fortunate enough to have a highly supportive management and a devoted, hard working and talented team of teaching and non-teaching staff with me to make me succeed in my endeavour to target the cherished goals. I sincerely thank them all for their kind support and un-stinted co-operation lent to me from time-to-time..

Prof. Dr. Udai Pratap Singh

Email : info@lrcollege.in
Contact Number : 9870434646

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