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LR College is accredited with 'B' by NAAC Team


There is a spacious, well maintained, user-friendly and rich Libraryin the College Campus .The -following facilities exits in this Library:

Separate section for Reference Books to be used by Faculty members  and  Research scholars.

One Photocopier Machine

Internet/Wi-Fi  Facility

Separate reading-rooms  for Boys and Girls,accommodating  about 200 students at a time

The wealth of the library is described as follows:

Total number of Books------------------------------------46544

Total number of Titles-------------------------------------11636

Total number of Journals/Magazines subscribed ----21

Old volume of hard- bound Journals-------------------1107

Influx of daily Newspapers--------------------------------11

CDs/FLOPPIES in Stock----------------------------------183

VIDEO/AUDIO Cassettes available—-------------------67

Email : info@lrcollege.in
Contact Number : 9870434646

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