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LR College is accredited with 'B' by NAAC Team


Chemistry Laboratories:- There are  well -equipped Chemistry Laboratories to meet the practical requirements of B.Sc and M.Sc students. The M.Sc laboratory spreads over four separate wings namely Organic,Inorganic and Physical Sections, and a Research Laboratory having requried research facilities
Physics Laboratories :-There are  two well-maintained  Physics Laboratories  to meet the practical requirements  of  B.Sc students.These Laboratories  are upgraded  from time to time as per periodic modifications in the syllabus There exist the following facilities in these Laboratories:
1.Dark-room for carring out optical work.
2.LCD Projector.
3.One DT Computer with scanner and printer
4.A well trained Technician for the maintence and repair of instruments
Although meant for Under-graduate students,the existing Laboratories are good enough to meet to the initial requirements  to run the  Post-graduate  Programme in the subject when introduced in the Department.

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