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Computer Lab.

It has been general observation that the students joining the College at entry level (undergraduate program) and particularly those coming from the rural background is computer- shy and often are hesitant to learn. To make such students computers savvy friendly so as to provide them the needed exposure and comfortable environment to try hands on the computers.At present ,there are  20 numbers of Computers.The machines so provided are branded  (HP,Compaq,etc.) with the facility of broadband Wi-Fi internet, having speed of 4 Mbps and All equipment’s are systematically arranged in stake of art fully air condition Laboratory.

The following System and Application Software’s are availablein the Laboratory: 

  System Software
·       Windows XP           
·       Windows 8              
·       Windows 2003 Server
 Application Software
·       Ms Office 2003 standard
·       Ms Office 2010 standard.
·       Turbo C++
·       Quick Heal Antivirus
·       Tally ERP 9
The College  management has engaged qualified and experienced faculty to train the aspiring learners.

Email : info@lrcollege.in
Contact Number : 9870434646

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